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Current Version: 1.1

Download it here: Download It Here WelcomeToYourData WordPress Mu Plugin

Open Source

This plugin is 100% open source. Check out the project page:

What Does It Do?

The WelcomeToYourData plugin makes it easy to track all of your statistics data from Google Analytics, Google Reader, Feedburner, and WP SlimStats in 1 easy to use plugin. WTYD installs on both WordPress 2.7 andWordPress Mu 2.7!

WelcomeToYourData downloads and stores a number of different feeds into your WordPress database. WTYD downloads and stores:

All of your starred items from Google Reader

  1. Your RSS feed’s statistics from Feedburner
  2. Visitor’s average time-on-site from Google Analytics
  3. Visitor’s bounce rate from Google Analytics
  4. Percent of new visitor’s from Google Analytics
  5. Number of total visitors from Google Analytics
  6. Number of events per visit from Google Analytics

WTYD also figures out peers into your blog database and figures out:

  1. Number of posts per month
  2. Number of comments per week
  3. Total number of words written per month
  4. Average words per post written per month

WTYD also lets you view and correlate all of this data in an easy to use graph in the WordPress admin console. Check out the sample graph on the bottom of my About page.

Other Utility Functions

WelcomeToYourData also provides an API for displaying a list of your starred items from Google Reader, as well as a list of recently popular content on your blog.

The following code displays 5 posts/pages that have been the most popular over the past 7 days, with green/red arrows describing if the posts have become more or less popular in that time.

$wtydPlugin->popular_posts(7, 5, true);

The above code would display a list like the following sans title:



This Blog!

The WelcomeToYourData plugin powers:

  1. The popular posts section of the home page‘s header
  2. The bookmarks section on the home page, as well as the dedicated Bookmarks page
  3. The statics graph on my About Me page

Sample Graph

Below is a screenshot of the graph you’ll be able to view in the WordPress admin console. You can also view a working demo on my About Me page.



The data graph is automatically added to WordPress’s admin console.

To display some recent number of starred items from Google Reader:


To show the X most popular posts within the last Y days:

$wtydPlugin->popular_posts(Y, X, true);

To get the post data for the X most popular posts within the last Y days:

$data = $wtydPlugin->popular_posts(Y, X);


Thanks for your support, enjoy the plugin!

10 responses to “Welcome To Your Data”

  1. Richard

    Thanks for the plugin! You might want to fix the download though as it doesn’t include any of the subfolder files (e.g. those in lib, images and js); I had to grab those from googlecode. Work’s a treat now though. Thanks again!

  2. Steve

    May I suggest you also send the update to the wp plugin site to make it easier to upgrade it.


  3. Douglas

    Hi Adam,
    This is a great idea. I just installed and activated, and strangely, when I click “Welcome To Your Data” under settings, I get a 404 error from this URL:
    Any idea what I may have done incorrectly?

  4. Chris

    Hi – Cool plugin! I am having one problem – the graph in the admin is working great – displays data, etc. But the code to pull out the most popular posts is not displaying anything.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Jarmo

    After installing, the plugin could not be activated, an error was shown that it does not have a valid header. WP 2.8.4

    plugin is not on the plugins list and I cannot re-download it, as the newest version is installed..

  6. citasescorts

    I have the same problem that Jarmo. Help please.

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