Building with Neurons: Writing a book explaining how neural networks work at their most basic level, including all of the math and code to derive the simplest neural network possible.

AskMeEvery: AskMeEvery will automatically email you any question you setup for simple and personal daily accountability. It’s extremely easy and effective way to encourage new habits and break bad ones.

Open Source: Much of the code from the above projects is available on my GitHub profile, including PerformanceBezier, which dramatically speeds up common bezier operations in iOS, and ClippingBezier, which allows for complex operations on UIBezierPaths.


Loose Leaf: As its name implies, Loose Leaf mimics a stack of loose leaf paper; it’s a place to be messy and creative on the iPad. Its unique scissors and ruler tools give you surprisingly flexibility with its intuitive gestures. Much of the code is or will be open sourced on the Loose Leaf blog.

Remotely (2016): The successor to Here, File File!, Remotely lets you easily and securely access the files on your Mac or other devices. Focused on ease of use, it’s simple setup doesn’t require syncing your files to someone else’s datacenter –  you stay in control of your data.

Spare Parts (2015): Spare Parts is an open source 2D physics game that was developed 100% on live stream over the course of two weeks. Every line of code was written on stream, and the full source code is available. (2012-2014): Jotbook is a simple way to create and collaborate on bulleted lists in your browser. Easily edit and share lists together.

Columnizer JQuery Plugin (2010-2014): Layout your content into columns on the fly and adjust to different screen widths with this auto-columning plugin. Sample PageSecond Sample. Third Sample. (offline, 2005-2008): Jotlet Online Calendar was the first native-feeling web calendar application, launching a few months before Google Calendar, and the first application to offer a full JavaScript API for rich client side integration. On April 1st, 2008, Jotlet was acquired by Jive Software.

History & Awards


Mentored in I-Corps NSF program with Arovia.

  1. Mentored in both regional and national I-Corps program.


Launched Loose Leaf, the open-source gesture-driven notes app for iPad:

  1. Over 100k downloads in 1 weekend.
  2. Press mentions in CNN, Wired, Slashdot.


As Tech Director at Visere and lead developer on the Unstuck app:

  1. won the Webby Award Winner and People’s Voice Winner
  2. won the Appy Award


Launched Here, File File! in the fall of 2009:

  1. won the App Star Awards with our preview video
  2. featured on an Apple Commercial in March 2010


My first startup was acquired by Jive Software.

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