The start of my first iPhone App

I’m excited, because today is the day that I actually started writing code for my first iPhone application! I’m going to write a Bible app for the iPhone, and it’s going to be great.

For this app, I’m planning on letting users download 1 or more versions of the Bible. I’ll have King James and Basic English to start – since those are free. If lots of people actually use my Bible app, I’ll look into licensing the NASB and NIV.

I decided on a Bible app for a few reasons. First, for the past few months I’ve taken my iPhone to church instead of my Bible – it’s smaller and I always have it – and just looked up everything on This works fine, I guess, but during the lesson and sermon the teacher/pastor usually has a handful of verses queued up, and following along via the EDGE network just wasn’t cutting it – I needed something faster.

Second, I also figured – what are the chances that I can actually get this app done by the iPhone App Store launch date in June? Pretty good, I think. If I can actually get a Bible app written by the time the store launches, I think there’s a good chance that it’ll become the default Bible app for a lot of people – which is pretty cool.

Third, this app is a great learning opportunity. It has very low graphics requirements, so no fancy coding required. It pushes the limits of what I can do: namely – create an app in the first place! I’ll also get to do some basic loading of data over the wireless connection, which is kinda cool. After finishing this app, I should be well on my way to making much “cooler” apps and games.

Fourth, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can get involved in ministry. This is something that can make a positive (albeit small?) impact for God, and at the very least, be a useful tool for a number of Christians who also happen to have iPhones who happen to have found my app… As Christi and I finish our move to Portland and get involved in a church there, this’ll be a great way to stay involved and stay focused on Christ.

So wish me luck! I’ll likely be posting my various discoveries as I dive into the iPhone SDK.

Jotlet JavaScript API

Today was a momentous day: I publicly announced the Jotlet JavaScript API!

I’m very excited to finally get all this past months of work out into the public eye. There is simply nothing even close to similar being offered by any other online calendar out there. I’ve emailed some tech sites and I’m hopeful that it’ll get reviewed, or at least mentioned, in an upcoming article.

It’s certainly worth writing about. This is basically a calendar version of the Google Maps API. Developers can now integrate a fully functional AJAX calendar directly into their site with only a few lines of code. Pretty hot stuff if you ask me!

Check out a more detailed post at:

Google Author link
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