Resig is spot-on regarding Objective-J


Pyjamas, GWT, and Objective-J all hinge around a central concept: Abstracting away the authoring of JavaScript-heavy web applications by allowing the developer to program entirely in their natively language (be it Python, Java, or an Objective-C-like-language accordingly)…

I worry about large abstractions like this for a number of reasons.

Well worth the read.

WelcomeToYourMac v0.2.2 Released

First off – the WTYM site‘s been updated, so check it out!

I’ve updated the Features page with more screenshots and descriptions, as well as a potential roadmap for the project. I’ve also added a poll to the front page, so give me your feedback! There’s a million directions this project could go, and I want to make sure I’m adding the features you’ll actually use, so let me know what you want :) 

As for v0.2.2, I’ve added two new applications: Spotlight and Running Applications. The Spotlight app lets you search your entire computer straight from your iPhone. The Applications app lets you navigate and control the menubar of all running applications, as well as launch new applications on your Mac.

I’ve also made lots of smaller updates: better icons and thumbnails for picture files, better meta data support for media files, album and cover art for music and movies.

Check out the full changelist on the Downloads page, or just download v0.2.2 now!

Setting up cron / launchd on OS X 10.5?

I had the joy this week of my 1TB network storage dying on me. It now sits on my desk making horrible clicking sounds at me hours on end… Luckily, my irreplaceable music + photos are safe, but I’d literally spent days meticulously ripping, encoding, tagging, and importing my DVDs into iTunes, and I’m not remotely excited about doing all that work again… not excited at all…

However, it did give me a great excuse to go buy two 1Tb My Books from the Apple store today – so that almost made up for it. :) And after a bit of rsync research, I wrote up a nice shell script to keep the two disks mirrored.

My next instinct was to set up a cron job to daily-sync everything at some ungodly hour in the morning, but to my surprise OS X 10.5 does not support croncron is deprecated in OS X! I’ve tried setting up launchd plists to get it syncing, but am having exactly zero luck. I even abandoned the command line for a launchd GUI app and still couldn’t get it working…

Is anyone else doing this? How do you daily-run tasks in OS X?

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