I work with code all-day-everyday. Code code code. To pull my brain out of this recursive day to day, I love looking at industrial and product design sites. If there was no such thing as computers, this is the job I’d want.

Core 77 

Design Milk


Blue Ant Studio

Yanko Design

What sites would you recommend for a good shot of motivation and creativity?

Death to the Embargo (and the Last Sliver of Integrity)

I purposefully try not to read Techcrunch, but this came across the twitter and – weak as I am – I bit.

One annoying thing for us is when an embargo is broken. That means that a news site goes early with the news despite the fact that they’ve promised not to. The benefits are clear … Traffic and links flow in to whoever breaks an embargo first.

That means it’s a race to the bottom by new sites…

And so,

From now our new policy is to break every embargo. We’ll happily agree to whatever you ask of us, and then we’ll just do whatever we feel like right after that.

After all, if you’re going to run the race to the bottom, then honesty-be-damned you’d better win.

WelcomeToYourMac v0.2.5 Released

New WTYM update! WelcomeToYourMac is an easy way to access your Mac’s files/screen/apps from any browser – even your iPhone. Download your copy here.

This latest version was a lot of fun to work on. WTYM is already my first ever Cocoa app to work on, and now it’s my first ever Cocoa app that automatically updates. Just like all those other fancy apps that provide a handy “Check for Updates” button, WTYM now incorporates the Sparkle framework to provide that same seemless upgrade experience.

And the best part? It only took about an hour to integrate and test (and I’m probably on the slower end of all you Cocoa pros out there :P).

Very fun stuff :) Download WTYM here or visit the site for more info.

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