Getting Things Done

I just bought Things. I’ve been using the free beta for weeks slash months and love it. So what did I do when the dialog popped up and told me the free loading was over and it’s time to buy version 1.0? I ran for my wallet and spent that money as fast as I could!

A few weeks ago, I also bought Things for the iPhone, and I’ve never been more organized or productive. This is a fantastic application. It’s clean, polished, organized, and gets things done.

Thank you Cultured Code.

Duplicate iPhone SMS Alerts

An incredibly annoying feature of iPhone 2.1:

Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages

Great. So instead of vibrate meaning “You have a new text message,” it now means “You have a new text message oh wait maybe not it might be an old one.”

When I got a text message, it displays it on the home screen with no need to unlock the phone. This is great, because I can simply read the message, and put the phone back in my pocket. But now, 5 minutes later i get another buzz for the same message I just read

I hate having to unlock -> relock the phone just so it doesn’t give me a reminder for the message I just read. Why am I being punished for reading my text messages without unlocking my phone?

I sincerely wish that my iPhone buzzing meant “hey adam, something new just happened on the phone you should take a look at” instead of “hey adam, something new just happened  or maybe not it might be something I already told you about why don’t you take a look and re-read the message you just read 5 minutes ago.”


It’s not even an optional setting.

Rainer Spehl’s Wooden Laptop Case

For anyone doing their Christmas shopping a tiny bit early, this is on my list. Rainer Spehl‘s “Wooden Laptop Case with leather lining and magnetic closing device  for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro 15inch.” (via Design Milk)

Google Author link
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