A Call to Arms: wpSearchMu developers!

Do you use the wpSearchMu wordpress plugin? If wordpress.org is to be believed, thousands of you do. And each of you has likely requested new features like:

  • searching custom fields
  • searching categories
  • searching by author
  • easily setting up multi field search forms
  • insert your dream feature here

Unfortunately I’m swamped with work at Jive and with Here, File File, so my wpSearchMu developmentĀ time is virtually non-existent. That’s where you come in.

I would love to have additional developers helping to support wpSearchMu for the WordPress community. Are you interested? Skills required:

  • love for the WordPress community
  • love for hacking on some PHP code
  • love for building things

and as a bonus:

  • experience with lucene
  • experience with WordPress search filters
  • experience with multisite WordPress

Leave comments here if you’re interested or send me an email or tweet.


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