Automatic PHP API

Automatic PHP API

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I’m a big fan of Automatic. It’s a very cool widget that plugs into your car’s data port and will monitor your driving habits. It tracks your average MPG, alerts you if you accelerate too fast or brake too hard, and rolls all of its data into a simple weekly score – high your score the better you’re driving! It’s a super simple way to reinforce safe driving habits, and improve your fuel efficiency at the same time, very cool!

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Adonit Jot Touch SDK with Palm Rejection

It’s amazing to think I’ve been on my own for nearly a year, and a busy year it’s been!

Most of my time has been spent on two iOS applications that I hope to announce soon, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with the Adonit team on their new iOS SDK. They’ve done an absolutely fantastic job with their Bluetooth connected Jot Touch stylus, and it was a lot of fun to help out with the iOS side of their development efforts.

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Time Crisis 4 for iPad 2 in glasses-free 3D!

Time Crisis 4 for iPad 2 in glasses-free 3D!

Glasses-free 3D Time Crisis on iPad:

This is Time Crisis 4 for iPad. It uses Glasses-free 3d for a stunning gameplay experience. This is true anamorphic 3d, which means you don’t need glasses to get a full 3d effect. Just tilt the iPad and the iPad2’s camera tracks your eyes so everything looks like real 3D! Watch the video from cnet below for a quick what’s-what on how it works.

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