100k Downloads in 1 Weekend!

100k Downloads in 1 Weekend!

Loose-Leaf-DownloadsAsk anyone, and they’ll tell you that launch day is the most important day of an app’s life, and if you miss it then you’ve lost.

I wrote earlier about the lackluster launch day for Loose Leaf, and over the past 3 months I’ve continued to push through a marketing strategy. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Today is an important mile marker: 3 days bringing nearly 100k downloads!

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Using Augmented Reality Code for a Better Stretch Gesture

Loose Leaf is more about photos and imports than it is about drawing or sketching, and I wanted to make sure it was easy not only to cut and create new scraps, but also to manipulate and duplicate existing scraps. To make a copy of a photo or scrap, I thought through numerous gesture options, menus, long press popups, buttons, and more, and in the end I settled on a simple pull-it-apart-gesture.

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Improving UIBezierPath Performance and API

Improving UIBezierPath Performance and API

I shared two weeks ago how I built the scissors feature in Loose Leaf; short story, lots and lots of UIBezierPath. As I worked through the algorithm for slicing paths together, it didn’t take me long to realize that default performance of UIBezierPath was… lacking. The only way to introspect the path itself is to create a custom function – not block mind you, function – and use CGPathApply() to iterate the path and calculate what you’re looking for. Every time.

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