Productivity, Lack of Time, and Your Future Self

Using Futures 2.0 to Manage Intractable Futures (pdf) via Alex Pang

Page 11ish:

I had come to realize that my sense of myself had changed very little over the fifteen years or so. Despite getting married, having children, moving several times, and switching careers, I didn’t feel profoundly┬álike I was profoundly different than my 30 year-old self; so why should I see my 60 year-old self as a different person? (The Grant study’s participants likewise showed a great consistency over the decades in their personality and psychological makeup.)

The paper talks primarily about risk profile and personality, but I think this is true about a number of my traits. While I also see my personality and risk profile relatively unchanged with age, I also constantly focus on how I’ve changed over those years, why, and for better or worse? “What part of me do I most want to be gone in 5 years?” or “What would I rather see in myself that I don’t see yet?” Every year, my goal is to be ashamed at how naive, foolish, and unfocused I was the year before – my hope is that this strategy will push me to be always more focused, productive, responsible, and good to my family than I am today.

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Columnizer jQuery Plugin Update

Good news jQuery column typesetters! My Columnizer jQuery plugin has finally at long last been updated. This new version adds support for jQuery 1.6 and fixes every known issue in reported at the GitHub page. (Secret admission: I didn’t actually test in IE6,7,8, or 9, but I’m pretty sure it still works fine… Please let me know if I made a presumptuous mistake.)

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Credit Card security is broken

Quick story:

My sister is traveling to Sri Lanka and has a longer than expected layover in Mumbai. I log onto the internet, purchase a hotel for her while she’s on her flight, and a driver picks her up at the airport.

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