Columnizer jQuery Plugin Update

Good news jQuery column typesetters! My Columnizer jQuery plugin has finally at long last been updated. This new version adds support for jQuery 1.6 and fixes every known issue in reported at the GitHub page. (Secret admission: I didn’t actually test in IE6,7,8, or 9, but I’m pretty sure it still works fine… Please let me know if I made a presumptuous mistake.)

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Credit Card security is broken

Quick story:

My sister is traveling to Sri Lanka and has a longer than expected layover in Mumbai. I log onto the internet, purchase a hotel for her while she’s on her flight, and a driver picks her up at the airport.

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The Google+ Feedback Page

The Google+ Feedback Page

I was going to just post a screenshot to twitter, but this is far too impressive to let die in a stream somewhere. i wanted to keep this in my records to draw inspiration from weeks and months from now.

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