Act of Valor Trailer

Act of Valor Trailer

Call Of Duty comes to life when an elite unite of Navy SEALs embark on a stealth mission to terminate a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S. In theaters February…

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Seattle superhero not prosecuted

Metroid source code

Here’s the entire source code + helpful annotations for the original Metroid game for the NES.

Labels corresponding to address values have been added to every line to make the code easier to follow for beginners interested in understanding the inner workings of a Nintendo game. The labels also make the code easier to debug if it is modified. At this time, the source code is still a work in progress but it is much farther along than the original document. The title page is completely documented. The intro routine, end routine, password scheme and sound engine are described in detail. About a third of the game engine is detailed and about half of each game area page.

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The story behind the Libyan guitar hero photo.

this comic suggests that “10” and “ten” are pronounced differently by t-rex and i personally, as author of this comic, am very interested in seeing how that falls out

nikon’s small world photo contest

Real time symbolication


Skin cell gun

Scientists have developed a spray gun that sprays the burn victim’s own skin cells onto the affected area heals them within a matter of days, not weeks or months.

The guy doesn’t even look like he got burned. (via @delfuego)

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Peer-to-Peer Lenders Take Banks Out of the Credit Equation

With demonstrators occupying Wall Street to demand financial sector reform, community-minded entrepreneurs working to take banks out of the lending equation see an opportunity: After years of obscurity and regulatory setbacks, peer-to-peer lending may be ready to step into the credit void. Where crowdfunding is the banking alternative for startups, this take on direct lending is more personal.

When Greg Dawson wanted to turn his photography hobby into a business, he knew it would require cash he didn’t have. “I was in the infancy of my marketing career in Chicago. I didn’t have the capital means to go out and buy my equipment”—a new camera, expensive lenses, a computer and editing software.

"I went to the bank first. Bank of America, where I was banking for five or six years,” Dawson says. “I was told, ‘not a chance’, because I didn’t have any assets. I didn’t own a house." He also had student loan debt, so despite a good credit score, his income to asset ratio didn’t meet BofA’s standards.  

“So I took to the internet,” he says. “I think I was funded for about $4,000 in about 48 hours.” Four years later, he's the proud owner of a thriving small business.  Dawson is one of several hundred thousand people who’ve gotten a loan through, a peer-to-peer lending website, and he says that the ability to put a human face on the loan was a big reason he succeeded.

“I was able to tell my story in the actual loan process,” Dawson recalls. "I was able to explain how I got into photography, how I was practicing it.” He was also able explain to prospective vendors that his debt resulted from student loans, not business failures or spending extravagance.

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