i looked it up, “scot free” is not racist against the scottish, it comes from “scot”, an archaic word for tax. REST EASY SCOTS, I GOT YO BACK

“Design like you’re right; listen like you’re wrong”

Ron-Arad-Designed Bicycle with Spring Steel Wheels Up for Auction

A Sort of Segway-Roomba-Pilates Surveillance Ball


All professional affiliations aside, this is a near perfect…

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Will you be shipping the ROTM tees to the UK?

Everybody Wins

John Gruber:

Apple didn’t win. Everybody won. Flash hasn’t been superseded in mobile by any sort of Apple technology. It’s been superseded by truly open web technologies. Dumping Flash will make Android better, it will make BlackBerrys better, it will make the entire web better. iOS users have been benefitting from this ever since day one, in June 2007.

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