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correlation or causation

IF YOU DIE IN THE GAME THEN IN REAL LIFE you might get mad which is a teachable moment for being a good sport

A practical guide to preheaders

A bachelor pad

Alexandra emailed Jo and I with an interesting request from her boss Kristopher (who turns out is female, so any reference to "bachelor" should really be "bachelorette"). Seems Kristopher hoped we'd be interested in showcasing her apartment. Here are some details provided: The apartment was intended as the home of the manager of the El Royale, a 1929 Spanish Revival apartment building built by the same architect as the famed Chateau Marmount. I always lived as a total bachelor, and the only “decoration” any of my apartments had were books piled on my floor. I became obsessed with this apartment, though, and I ripped up the greige carpet and painted the concrete floor, painted the window frames iron-brown (they were white), replaced the new lighting fixtures with antiques, and installed a rotary phone (which connects directly to the lobby). I am quite smitten with this apartment I must say. The floors look incredible – hard to believe it used to be greige carpet. BLEH. And the windows are TO DIE FOR. Love all the furnishings and the star light fixture in the stairwell. A couple of things I’d do to spruce it up a bit. I’d love to see some of that art hung on the walls instead of sitting in the fireplace (which is another fab detail btw). I’d throw a couple cowhide rugs on the floor (ya, I went there), and hang a huge, extravagant chandelier over the dining table. Or scrap all that and just enjoy the minimalism. Photos via Scott Dukes.

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“Perhaps everybody has a garden of Eden, I don’t know; but they have scarcely seen their garden…”

I’m in the process of building my “essentials” wardrobe after deciding to start dressing like an adult. I have made good progress on the essentials and am now looking for a nice pair of gray flannel trousers. Flat front, relatively slim or straight fit, mostly wool, etc. Any recommendations? Somewhere in the $100 to $300 price range would be ideal.

Design Doing: The Handcrafted Footwear of Nick Maloy

Camera shooting at a trillion frames/sec can see photons move

At the beginning of this video, Ramesh Raskar, associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, announces calmly:

We have built a virtual slow-motion camera where we can see photons, or light particles, moving through space.

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when i “read” linguistic papers what i’m doing is private

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