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For a Growing Number of College Students, Wikipedia Is Homework

Wikipedia doesn't have a stellar reputation for scholarly accuracy, but its staggering collection of 20 million articles in 283 languages has nonetheless made it the go-to reference for the world's students—it's even the most plagiarized source on college campuses. Now, a growing number of professors are bucking the anti-Wikipedia trend and assigning a new kind of homework: editing the site's articles.

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if i go outside super naked when it’s super cold, i mean

The cheapest way to discover if a startup idea will make money

The big man at the door glared at me for an uncomfortably long time. I stood there, the bright light shining in my face. He then moved to the side and motioned me in.  The club was dark and huge. Loud minimal house music boomed all around. People jumped up and down everywhere. At the windows, several people sat, looking dazed and drugged.

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Postmates — The Easiest Way to Ship Anything Within Your City


Ever forget a christmas or birthday present and then find yourself scrambling to find ways to send it as fast as possible to a near friend or family? Both governmental and independent post/delivery companies do not not offer any decent services for such emergencies. Now, a small amount of people calling themselves ‘Postmates’ have started off with this idea of shipping goods easily and quickly within a city – and they’re making good use of the iPhone for it.

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don’t worry, if you’re reading this, you’re conscious. unless you’re a computer. or a computer running a simulation of a consciousness. anyway, something to look out for

Reading in Print vs. Electronic

Steven Johnson articulates my primary frustration when reading e-books: the inability to skim.

It’s a funny thing with print vs. ebooks; the digital age is supposed to be all about attention deficit disorder and hypertextual distractions, but ebooks lock you into reading them in a linear fashion more than print books do. It’s much easier to pick up a print book and flip through the pages, get a sense of the argument or structure, than it is with an ebook (or magazine.) It’s a very interesting interface challenge: I think it’s probably solvable, and I know many smart folks are working on it, but we don’t have a true solution yet.

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“It is the human friction that makes the sparks”

From Jonah Lehrer, Brainstorming Doesn’t Really Work (via Stowe Boyd):

Building 20 [a scene of incredible innovation at MIT] and brainstorming came into being at almost exactly the same time. In the sixty years since then, if the studies are right, brainstorming has achieved nothing—or, at least, less than would have been achieved by six decades’ worth of brainstormers working quietly on their own. Building 20, though, ranks as one of the most creative environments of all time, a space with an almost uncanny ability to extract the best from people. Among M.I.T. people, it was referred to as “the magical incubator.”

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"How'd it work out?"

It turns out that the light fixtures a builder used in my kitchen a few years ago have all begun to fail. One by one, each one stops working.

My guess is that he has no idea, and continues to confidently install these fixtures, his go-to choice for kitchen lighting. And why not? He doesn’t know that they only have a relatively short life. He doesn’t know because he didn’t ask.

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