Git Submodules are not SVN Externals

One of the biggest hurdles I had to get past in order to use Git efficiently was getting my head around the differences between SVN’s externals and Git’s submodules. Since our migration from SVN to Git, I’ve seen other folks on our team working through the same hiccups I had initially. I thought the following notes might be useful to other folks making the leap as well.

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Founder Focus: Don’t Kill Your Startup With 1,000 Trivial Tasks

Links: 3-3-2012


Webkit size profiles of a few sites I visit, ordered from smallest to largest.

Metafilter: 0.2MB

Metafilter’s front page is probably my most-visited and most-interesting thing. It’s a wall of solid text and not a lot of images. Still, the volume of actual content is smaller than the volume of javascript, which itself is about 80% jQuery (minified). It’s not immediately clear to me what jQuery is doing for Metafilter.

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UIImage from ALAsset: getting the right orientation

One of the most used features on Droplr 2.0 for iPhone is the option to upload the last photo (from the photo library).

To do that, you just need to fetch the asset group of type ALAssetsGroupSavedPhotos

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☆ Beating the 20MB size limit & iPad retina displays

TL:DR The iPad retina display is going to cause bloat in app sizes beyond the 20MB 3G download limit. Instead use vector images to render assets on-the-fly as shown in this GIST and this example Xcode project.

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On MacPaint

“We have a lot to thank Bill Atkinson for.”

‡ After-Birth Abortions and Euphemisms

This will sound like a bad joke or a “Modest Proposal”-like satire, but it’s not. In the Journal of Medical Ethics, two Melbourne academics argue that infants are equivalent to fetuses and, when the burden they put on their parent(s) or the government is too high, can be aborted:

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☆ #pragma

In iOS source examples, you’ve probably come across the use of #pragma. Pragmas are directives which instruct the compiler to use pragmatic or implementation-dependent features. Xcode supports some of helpful pragmas that can help you organize and manage your code.

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JIRA finally gets its own REST API

JIRA’s got a real REST API now:

REST easy with JIRA 5 | Atlassian Blogs: Now that JIRA 5 is out, let’s talk about one of my favorite features of this new release, JIRA’s new REST API. JIRA has supported remote APIs for many years with SOAP, XML-RPC, and JSON-RPC. However, telling developers that you support SOAP (and only SOAP) is like saying that you like writing applications with COBOL — it’s out of style. Today’s cool kids gravitate towards REST. It’s clean, simple, and highly portable across languages and frameworks.

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