Styling Submit Buttons for Mobile Safari

As discussed on the most recent episode of Think Vitamin Radio we have been working hard on the redesign of this site and have been looking at how the site reacts when rendered on the iPhone using media queries (if these are new to you then Brian Suda’s most recent article will get you started).

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A Guide To Using Custom Scrollbars On Your Site

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“Don’t play with the defaults”, people say. It confuses the users by adding complexity, where simplicity will do just fine. But then, there’s “Think Different”. In this crowded internet space, your site needs to stand out from the mundane. If you know you can do something better, why not go the extra mile?

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Why I use Safari for Development

For web developers, there’s an obvious choice of which browser to use for developing web applications. Firefox it is, right? Wrong.

Standards, schmandards

Let’s compare the two browsers, more specifically Safari 4 vs. Firefox 3.5. Both browsers pass the Acid2 test with flying colors, but when it comes to Acid3, Firefox only reaches 93% compliance (up from 71% in Firefox 3.0). Safari? 100%.

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John Resig – Keypress in Safari 3.1

great notes for why keypress even doesn't work in safari for non-character keys

Straight Out of Compton

John Siracusa:

It’s not that any particular feature of Chrome is so wonderful, or even that the sum of those features puts Safari back on its heels in the browser wars. It’s the idea that someone other than Apple has taken such clear leadership in this area. Google Chrome makes Safari’s user interface look conservative; it makes Apple look timid.

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