Thesis Theme for WordPress Review

I’ll admit that when I first saw the Thesis wordpress theme I wasn’t really keen on it, in fact I really didn’t see the point. While I’m not a programmer by trade, I know enough HTML, CSS, and PHP to make things happen in the code. However after seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff on Rae’s blog I finally gave it a try, and PURCHASED MY OWN COPY. I can now say that I’m a big fan of Thesis, and am probably what you’d call a brand advocate. If you’re like me and can do your own programming, or just don’t get why Thesis is cool, then read on, and I’ll try to explain some of the benefits.

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Thesis Tutorial – How to Add Adsense Section Targeting

Using Adsense on your blog usually isn’t the most profitable way to monetize it, but it is fairly quick and easy, which makes it a popular choice for many website owners. Last week I moved one of my commercial blogs to Thesis, and was reminded of the importance of using section targeting on your blog.

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