Automatically save the dSYM files.

For those not aware, when you compile an Objective-C application, whether it be for the desktop or for Cocoa Touch devices, the debugging symbols are stripped out of the binaries. Therefore, unlike other languages such as Java, when a crash occurs, there is virtually no way to determine where the crash occurred. However, when the applications are compiled, a dSYM bundle is generated. This bundle allows us to match up the debugging symbols with the application’s crash log to help determine the cause of the crash.

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Clipboard Copy | Jeffothy’s Keyings

great discussion about copy/paste problems in the web environment. this address plain text copy/paste only

Copy Profiles in Google Analytics

copy_profile.gifI’ve written a GreaseMonkey script that allows you to copy and paste profile settings from one profile to another. This includes main website profile information, goals, filters, and users. Hopefully this will save you some time in situations where you need to create multiple profiles that share a lot of the same attributes.

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From Hacker to microISV: Tagging, Building and Releasing

It is important to develop a consistent build process for your applications. I have written a couple of bash scripts to help me with this process.

I use git for version control and also the services of github. Now in another post on this site Marcus covered how to put git commit checksums in your Info.plist’s CFBundleVersion. I have opted to use Apple Generic Versioning (or agv for short) instead as it has an easy to read incrementing build number and is super easy to script. It’s also great for use with Sparkle since Sparkle uses the CFBundleVersion to see if the appcast has a newer version.

Chris Hanson wrote a great piece a few years back about getting agv setup in your XCode project. I followed his instructions for that. I also set the CFBundleShortVersionString in Info.plist to __VERSION__. You’ll see why I do that later.

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Write to a Google Spreadsheet from a Python script

Suppose you want to write to a Google Spreadsheet from a Python script. Here’s an example spreadsheet that you might want to update from a script:

Example spreadsheet

I did some searching and found this page, which quickly led me to the Python Developer’s Guide for the Google Spreadsheet API.

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