How to scale a UIImageView proportionally ? – Stack Overflow

I have a UIImageView and the objective is to scale it down proportionally by giving it either a height or width.

MailComposer iPhone sample code

This application shows how to target older OS versions while building with newly released APIs. It also illustrates how to use the MessageUI framework to edit and send email messages from within your application.

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simple-iphone-image-processing – Project Hosting on Google Code

I've written a simple C++ class with an Objective-C wrapper that provides a set of common image processing tasks along with conversion to and from UIImage.

The code supports the following operations:

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Clipboard Copy | Jeffothy’s Keyings

great discussion about copy/paste problems in the web environment. this address plain text copy/paste only

Using the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer for iPhone apps

static analyzer for iPhone apps using llvm and clang

How to implement COMET with PHP

some great tips and examples using comet with PHP

Computing with JavaScript Web Workers

Web Workers are, undoubtedly, the coolest new feature to arrive in the latest version of web browsers. Web Workers allow you to run JavaScript in parallel on a web page, without blocking the user interface.

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iPhone Development Emergency Guide

This is an emergency guide to iPhone software development, i.e. a guide for competent developers who haven’t written code for the iPhone platform before, and just want to get started right now.

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Ajaxian » MySpace open sources advanced browser performance tool for IE

IE plugin that measures the CPU hit and memory footprint of your pages as they render on the client’s browser

50 Fresh JavaScript Tools That Will Improve Your Workflow


JavaScript is an integral part of the RIA revolution. JavaScript allows developers to create rich and interactive web interfaces and establish asynchronous communication with servers for constantly up-to-date data without a page refresh.

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