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Hold On A Minute

One of the big new features in MarsEdit 3 is a revamped media manager that allows you to easily browse local libraries from iPhoto, Aperture, etc.

Media Manager.png

This functionality is based largely on the great work of the iMedia project, which was spearheaded by Karelia to replicate Apple’s own ubiquitous media browsing interface, some variant of which is available in Pages, iWeb, Mail, etc.

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CherryPy – Trac

Scaling startups

The Scaling Startups panel I was on last week at Supernova generated a little coverage, but I wanted to go into a lot more detail than what I saw there, so it seems like a good time to jump back into blogging full-force. The panel abstract read:

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An introduction to game physics with Chipmunk

How To Make a Tile Based Game with Cocos2D | Ray Wenderlich

MGSplitViewController for iPad

MGSplitViewController is an open source replacement for UISplitViewController, with various useful enhancements.

Here’s a demonstration video hosted on YouTube. It’s better if you watch it in full HD.


I wrote MGSplitViewController for my own use, but I’m making it available (as usual) for the benefit of the iOS developer community, because I care about this community and about the platform.

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Core Data and Encryption

Just a quick post to point out a great article written by Nick Harris of NewsGator fame. He has looked into the issues with Core Data and encryption.

Core Data and Enterprise iPhone Applications – Protecting Your Data

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So, Google released App Inventor, and my first instinct is that I hate the apps it will create with every fiber of my being. People will start putting together components in ways that they don’t understand, and the tool is either too powerful to use simply or too simple to be powerful. The apps will not be designed to handle failure, the apps will not have those cute features that turn out indispensable and I’ll be damned if they’re going to feel intuitive to use.

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