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Like a dream come true

That’s the way Derek Sivers (founder of CDBaby) described his mission statement in building the company. “What could I build that would be a like a dream come true for independent musicians?”

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Sorry, you can't be our customer

There are interactions marketers have with prospects where the prospect wants something and the marketer or organization just isn’t interested in delivering it. These interactions almost always end badly.

I visited a Blockbuster store in London, hoping to rent an appropriately Royal-family focused DVD. After a bit of search, I found it. Would they sell it to me? No, it’s rental only. Oh, can I rent it? (I asked with my full US accent). Sure, fill out this form.

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The rational marketer (and the irrational customer)

The most common frustration I see, and I see it daily, comes from marketers who can’t figure out why more people won’t buy their product. This particularly afflicts b2b marketers, who ostensibly have rational customers.

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Solving a different problem

The telephone destroyed the telegraph.

Here’s why people liked the telegraph: It was universal, inexpensive, asynchronous and it left a paper trail.

The telephone offered not one of these four attributes. It was far from universal, and if someone didn’t have a phone, you couldn’t call them. It was expensive, even before someone called you. It was synchronous–if you weren’t home, no call got made. And of course, there was no paper trail.

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Which comes first, the product or the marketing?

Well, if you define marketing as advertising, then it’s clear you need the product first (Captain Crunch being the only exception I can think of… they made the ads first.) This great clip from Mad Men brings the point home. If the Kodak guys hadn’t invented the Carousel slide projector, Don Draper could never have pitched this ad.

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Love (and annoying)

The goal is to create a product that people love. If people love it, they’ll forgive a lot. They’ll talk about it. They’ll promote it. They’ll come back. They’ll be less price sensitive. They’ll bring their friends. They’ll work with you to make it better.

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