MDS taking up a ton of CPU time on OS X | Suzlik

Shady for tired eyes

I often find my iMac’s screen too bright, even at the lowest brightness setting; I bet that many of you are in the same position. Today on Twitter, both Jeff LaMarche and Cyril Godefroy mentioned a similar thing.

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Installing PostgreSQL on Snow Leopard 10.6 | Greg Benedict

great walkthrough on how to install postgres for snow leopard

Things Removed in Snow Leopard

  • PowerPC support
  • 32-bit screensaver support on 64-bit capable machine (in effect; it’s more of a replacement thing since loginwindow has to run under some architecture)
  • Cocoa Java runtime support
  • AppleTalk printing

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iStat Menu 2 Released, Snow Leopard Compatible

I've been waiting anxiously for their Snow Leopard-compatible update, as I find the various monitoring tools quite useful for my Mac—especially when working on battery power.

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Things 1.1 Brings Extensive AppleScript Support | Things Blog | Cultured Code

applescript documentation and reference for Things. rock on!

Mac OS X – Clearing DNS Cache « Inert Ramblings – Change the default location for screenshots

Adding The Sparkle Framework | Guimkie

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