Which Unit Testing Framework?

I’m in the process of working on, and improving, test suite support in TestSwarm (an upcoming project of mine). However, there isn’t a lot of information on which unit testing frameworks developers actually use to test their code (whereas there is more information on which JavaScript libraries are used).

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50 Fresh JavaScript Tools That Will Improve Your Workflow


JavaScript is an integral part of the RIA revolution. JavaScript allows developers to create rich and interactive web interfaces and establish asynchronous communication with servers for constantly up-to-date data without a page refresh.

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John Resig – Keypress in Safari 3.1

great notes for why keypress even doesn't work in safari for non-character keys

APE (Ajax Push Engine) :: Real time data streaming

very similar to the bajax plugin i wrote for jquery, but this system opens permanent connections that last for max of 30 seconds and their server handles 100,000 connections, whereas bajax just polls the normal apache for connections < .1s usually. if you implement your own server instead of using theirs, then presumably you'd run out of apache connections pretty quick….

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Google Analytics Developer Docs – Google Analytics – Google Code

Google analytics API, awesome!

NimbleKit – Smart kit for fast iPhone apps development

Xcode template to make native iPhone apps with HTML and javascript

x + 3 – jQuery and Ajax in WordPress Plugins – Administration Pages

Great step by step on how to add jquery and Ajax to a wordpress plugin's admin page

How do Mobile Browsers Behave?

One of my favorite sources of active mining is that of Peter-Paul Koch digging in to mobile browsers and how they behave. Sponsored by Vodaphone to do a study of various mobile devices and their respective browsers, PPK has been doing some serious analysis of what the landscape looks like.

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jQuery Edge: Better Support for other Windows and Documents

jQuery in the past hasn’t always played well with other windows and documents than the one it was loaded in. However, jQuery is moving in the right direction to help ease the pain of cross window/frame development. There have been several commits recently that make previously window/document dependent methods, well… less dependent. So far .bind(), .css(), .width(), and .height() have all been updated to work with other windows and documents.

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Ending The ga.js Wait

Google Analytics is ubiquitous, not least of all because it’s better at what it does than most of the alternatives. Also, it doesn’t require any install or maintenance. And it’s free. What’s not to like?

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