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Deep Tracing of Internet Explorer

After reading a recent post by Steve Souders concerning a free tool called dynaTrace Ajax, I was intrigued. It claimed to provide full tracing analysis of Internet Explorer 6-8 (including JavaScript, rendering, and network traffic). Giving it a try I was very impressed. I tested against a few web sites but got the most interesting results running against the JavaScript-heavy Gmail in Internet Explorer 8.

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A 50 Lines-of-Code JavaScript Animation Framework: Say Hello to Émile

JSON is not as safe as people think it is – Joe Walker

Cross-Domain Communication with IFrames

Strophe JavaScript XMPP library

Strophe is a library for writing XMPP clients. It is implemented in both JavaScript and C for use in a wide variety of languages. The implementations are production ready, well documented, easy to use, and easy to extend.

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Clipboard java applet | Lasse Bunk’s weblog

The code lets you post images from your clipboard directly to the webserver to avoid the need to go through Photoshop or another image application.

When you compile your own applet using javac, you’ll need to sign it in order to be able to get access to the clipboard.

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Node scalable javascript server is influenced by systems like Ruby's Event Machine or Python's Twisted

A proposal for making AJAX crawlable

Webmaster level: Advanced

Today we’re excited to propose a new standard for making AJAX-based websites crawlable. This will benefit webmasters and users by making content from rich and interactive AJAX-based websites universally accessible through search results on any search engine that chooses to take part. We believe that making this content available for crawling and indexing could significantly improve the web.

While AJAX-based websites are popular with users, search engines traditionally are not able to access any of the content on them. The last time we checked, almost 70% of the websites we know about use JavaScript in some form or another. Of course, most of that JavaScript is not AJAX, but the better that search engines could crawl and index AJAX, the more that developers could add richer features to their websites and still show up in search engines.

Some of the goals that we wanted to achieve with this proposal were:

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7 tips for using UIWebView | Coding Ventures

The final approach I came up with was to be able to intercept the touch events before they even reach UIWebView and stop them in my Objective-C code. To do this, you need to read a bit more about how the touch events are routed in Cocoa. (Requires login to the IPhone Dev Center) Basically the idea is to override the hit testing part of the UIWebView and detect the double tap there. In order to that I subclassed UIWebView and overrode the hitTest method in my implementation. Other than that I keep it up the superclass to do the rest.

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