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iPad TV

iPad VGA Output

There’s been a lot of confusion about how the iPad VGA Adapter works. I received mine today, and I thought I’d try to clear things up a little (and give you some code to play with, if you’re an iPad developer with a VGA adapter of your own).

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devsugar: A better way to share ad-hoc builds

Omni Group releases open source iPhone/iPad dev Framework

iPad Multi-Touch

A friend of mine recently asked how many simultaneous touch events the iPad supported; I wasn’t sure, so I promised to write some code to conduct an experiment and find the answer. I got around to doing so, and the answer is: eleven.

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My current Prefix.pch file

I have posted and discussed this file a few times but as with all things it has been touched, tweaked, and generally improved upon.

In this article we will discuss the latest iteration of my Prefix.pch file. As with anything I post, it is available for you to use as you see fit.

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Found Footage: iPad output to TV with iPhone control

iPhone Dev Sessions: Making a Splash Screen

All too often an iPhone application’s launch sequence is an overlooked detail. The most common approach is to misuse the provided Default.png file as a splash screen. As it turns out, this detailing of an application is more than a little challenging if you want to get it right and stay within Apple’s guidelines.

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