Hanging Out Over Manhattan: 7-Figure Cliff House for Sale

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Anything but your ordinary house listing, this multi-million-dollar mansion may be one of the most unique properties in New York City. The so-called Pumpkin House features a face-like facade (hence the name), but also looks like it is being squeezed out over a cliff by its tightly-packed neighbors.

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DNS and Internet Standards

if you’re made uncomfortable by the contraction “i’d’ve”, know that you are NOT ALONE: this is one super double power contraction

Scientists find way to reverse aging in mice – CTV News

Links: 11-29-2010

  • s4 wiki | Manual / S4 Overview
    S4 is a general-purpose, distributed, scalable, partially fault-tolerant, pluggable platform that allows programmers to easily develop applications for processing continuous unbounded streams of data.
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PS3 lag on Samsung TVs

Turns out that modern TVs have the equivalent of lag because they are processing the image. I’ve never noticed but Calvin did. If you dig through the guts of the Samsung TV menu, there is a mode called Game Mode which disables a bunch of the processing. You lose a few frames per second so that is enough for twitch players him :-)

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Mesh space tire made from springs wins R&D award

The Phonekerchief

phonekerchief 1

The Way We See The World has created the Phonekerchief, a polite way of encouraging others to turn off their phones. Starting today, it is available for sale at UncommonGoods, just in time for your holiday shopping!

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As design catches up to robotics computing, mechanical arms get cooler

Metropolis II kinetic sculpture

is this every boy’s dream come true?

Cars zipping around on tracks have a way of mesmerising boys of all ages.

Soon to make its way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is Chris Burden’s Metropolis II installation. Hailed as a portrait of Los Angeles, this remarkable construction includes 1,200 custom-designed cars that move across 18 lanes; through scattered towers and buildings made of wood block, tiles and Lego.

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