Gaussian Blur Effect With CSS3

Unfortunately, CSS3 does not provide means for creating blur effects out of the box, however we can easily emulate Gaussian Blur by using text-shadow and setting the color of the element to transparent…

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What You Need to Know about 3D Technology & Vision Problems

Windmaker by Luc van Hoeckel

Windmaker by Luc van Hoeckel

Inspired by a cuckoo clock, this analog fan designed by Luc van Hoeckel will blow you away (wocka wocka). By lifting the weight, the wooden fan starts blowing and continues to refresh the air without electricity.

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Ancient Fortress Transformed into a Defensible Tower Home

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When these architects say ‘defensible space’, they mean it in a drastically literal fashion. Centuries old and made to rebel French invaders from the shores of Britain, this defense tower has stood the test of time.

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If You Didn’t Blog It, It Didn’t Happen – Anil Dash

Open Source VOIP Software – voip-info.org


I just published a privacy policy for smedbergs.us. Since I suspect my policy may be a bit unorthodox, I thought I’d post about it.

I, Benjamin Smedberg, will try to do what I think is appropriate with any information collected by this website. I believe that privacy is a tool which should be used to limit the powerful, not a fundamental right. To the extent that I don’t have much power, I don’t feel the need to provide any guarantee of privacy. Any information, including names, email addresses, and other identifying information, may be shared with others or even made public if I believe that is the correct thing to do.

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To-Do Reminders on the Table

You have a computer, a smartphone, maybe even an iPad yet you still resort to post-its because you know short term memory is a total FAIL. The Post-It Schedule aims to put some order into those random reminders by day and ONLY mon-fri because everyone knows the weekends are full of activities no one should schedule or remember.

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Links and the New Flesh

“Bodily health takes a big fuck-off second seat to curiosity,” – Lepht Anonym, explaining her craft. Watch her talk, Cybernetics for the Masses. (via.) Here’s her essay for H+ “Scrapheap Transhumanism”: “I’m sort of inured to pain by this point. Anesthetic is illegal for people like me, so we learn to live without it; I’ve made scalpel incisions in my hands, pushed five-millimeter diameter needles through my skin, and once used a vegetable knife to carve a cavity into the tip of my index finger. I’m an idiot, but I’m an idiot working in the name of progress” And here’s the history of wetware. New gem from Zero books: Adam Kotsko’s Awkwardness Ian Bogost’s review. MSTRMND on ‘Star Wars’ prequels. In Defense of Dots: The lost art of comic books. Another multiple: my friend Jenny Davidson posted something about rereading Paul La Farge’s essay on D&D in the Believer within the same few minutes as I called on Twitter to help me find a guild.

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nicholaspatten: Fix iTunes and Other Slowdowns by Ditching Third-Party DNS Servers [Troubleshooting]. http://bit.ly/f7WVv8

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