Tutorial: Networking and Bonjour on iPhone


Things Removed in Snow Leopard

  • PowerPC support
  • 32-bit screensaver support on 64-bit capable machine (in effect; it’s more of a replacement thing since loginwindow has to run under some architecture)
  • Cocoa Java runtime support
  • AppleTalk printing

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Mac Dev Center: What’s New In Mac OS X: Mac OS X v10.6

You support improved shutdown in your application by calling the enableSuddenTermination and disableSuddenTermination methods in NSProcessInfo. These are intended to be used as paired calls. Call disableSuddenTermination when you have work that must be done before quitting, and enableSuddenTermination when that work is done.

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Hidden Developer Gems in Snow Leopard

  • clang’s Static Analysis is built into Xcode. Build → Build and Analyze, and wonder how you ever accepted that scan-build web interface.
  • Concurrent NSView drawing, opt-in.
  • NSCache provides a data structure tuned for caching, where you associate an item with a cost and items can be silently evicted to maintain a small footprint, or because objects implementing the NSDiscardableContent protocol has proclaimed that the content isn’t actually useful anymore.

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iphonearkit – Project Hosting on Google Code

A UI library for displaying location based data in spherical coordinate systems using UI Kit on the iPhone. · The final test for iPhone apps pre-submission

If you’ve submitted an application to the App Store, you know that sinking feeling of not being able to test your final build. The binary that gets signed with the “App Store” distribution mechanism cannot be run on your test devices: you can’t be sure that the final bits you send to Apple are complete.

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Home – testswarm – GitHub

TestSwarm provides distributed continuous integration testing for JavaScript. It was initially created by John Resig as a tool to support the jQuery project and has since moved to become an official Mozilla Labs project.

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Mac Tips and Tricks – Article: Inside Application Bundles

info on allowed properties of Info.plist

Performance Research, Part 6: Less is More — Serving Files Faster by Combining Them

This article is the sixth in a series of YUIBlog articles describing experiments conducted to learn more about optimizing web page performance (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5).

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Installing an iPhone Application Using Ad-Hoc Distribution

Ad-Hoc Distribution is a distribution mechanism iPhone developers use to send apps to their customers without going through iTunes. This post explains how ad-hoc distribution works and how to install an iPhone application using ad-hoc distribution.

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