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Using Xcode to develop in Cappuccino

After the creation of Objective-J, one of the first things Francisco did was write a new mode for his favorite text editor, SubEthaEdit. It was immediately obvious that we should try to make our favorite development environment as productive as possible.

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Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example

Similar to one of my first blog posts on building a basic application for Mac OS X using xcode 3.0, I am going to explain for beginning iPhone/iPod Touch developers how to build the most basic Cocoa Touch application using Interface Builder and an application delegate in xcode 3.1. This tutorial post is really to provide a quick how-to. I won’t go into any depth explaining why things are done the way they are done, but this should help you get up and running with your first application pretty quickly so that you too can clog the App Store with useless superfluous apps (kidding… just kidding).

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Lights Off – Porting the iPhone app to Cappuccino

A couple days ago, Steven Troughton-Smith decided to try his luck at Cappuccino. With a background in Cocoa programming, and recent work on rewriting Lights Off for the iPhone (the game originally released by Lucas Newman for jailbroken phones), he thought it would be interesting to port Lights Off to Cappuccino.  In only an hour or two, he had the complete app running in a web browser on top of Cappuccino.

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