Mac Dev Center: Objective-C 2.0 Runtime Programming Guide: Declared Properties

documentation on reflection in objective-C

property_getAttributes include – Google Search

reflection in Objective-C

The Property structure defines an opaque handle to a property descriptor.
typedef struct objc_property *Property;
You can use the functions class_copyPropertyList and protocol_copyPropertyList to retrieve an
array of the properties associated with a class (including loaded categories) and a protocol respectively:
objc_property_t *class_copyPropertyList(Class cls, unsigned int *outCount)
objc_property_t *protocol_copyPropertyList(Protocol *proto, unsigned int
For example, given the following class declaration:

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iPhone Dev Center – CGPDFDocument Reference

function reference for manipulating pdf documents on the iphone

iPhone Dev Center – CGPDFPage Reference

2d pdf drawing / page / stuff

7 tips for using UIWebView | Coding Ventures

The final approach I came up with was to be able to intercept the touch events before they even reach UIWebView and stop them in my Objective-C code. To do this, you need to read a bit more about how the touch events are routed in Cocoa. (Requires login to the IPhone Dev Center) Basically the idea is to override the hit testing part of the UIWebView and detect the double tap there. In order to that I subclassed UIWebView and overrode the hitTest method in my implementation. Other than that I keep it up the superclass to do the rest.

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Test Driving Your Code with OCUnit

automated unit testing with OCUnit for Objective-C code

CocoaDev: NSDataCategory

gzip support for NSData

ziparchive – Project Hosting on Google Code

ZipArchive is an Objective-C class to compress or uncompress zip files, which is base on open source code "MiniZip". It can be used for iPhone application development, and cocoa on Mac OSX as well.

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json-framework – Project Hosting on Google Code

json parser for objective c

Tutorial: Networking and Bonjour on iPhone


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