Managing Facebook Like. Or not.

I’M ON FACEBOOK. I want to see everything I supposedly “like” and prune the list of things I don’t. There should be a page where I can do this—that’s UX Design 101—but instead there’s just a sidebar box on my profile page showing a rotating, random sampling of liked items. The box is fine as an outward-facing device: on my profile page, it gives visitors a teasing hint of some of the cool stuff a deep guy like me digs. But inward-facing-wise, as a tool for me to manage my likes, it’s useless.

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Is Realistic UI Design Realistic?

We’ve all heard the sound — that tinny shutter clicking sound point-and-shoot cameras make when you take a photo.

There’s no complex mechanical mirror assembly swinging upward when the shutter opens. No matter, though. The cigarette box sized camera burps out a faux ka-click anyway. The mechanism producing this noise was quite necessary for its predecessor, the SLR/DSLR camera, but now functionally irrelevant in the newer point-and-shoots. This design cue (audible in this case) inherited from an ancestor is referred to as a skeuomorph, and they can be found everywhere in our daily lives — air intakes on the electric Chevy Volt, window shutters that don’t shut, copper cladding on zinc pennies, nonwinding watch winders. Even the brown cork-pattern on cigarette tips is a holdover from the days when cork was used as a filter.

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Designers: How to Get Hired

We just hired two amazing people at Carsonified (original job post here) and I wanted to share with you how our new designer got my attention and ended up getting hired. We received 46 applications for the design job of which 10+ had registered new domains and designed brand new websites to get our attention like, and others. It’s hard to stand out from a big crowd like that so I thought I’d share how our new designer did it.

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Cult Creation

The Story So Far

For this week’s iDevBlogADay post, I’m going to take a detailed look at the history of Trainyard, from its humble beginnings to its current position high up the App Store charts. Yes, there will be sales data. This’ll be a long one, so settle down and enjoy :)

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Why Wesabe Lost to Mint

Leadership is a Form of Mental Illness

Finishing a Game


The Illusion of Winning

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