Teenage Photographer – 365 Days of Danboard

I have came across quite many 365 projects and some are really impressive. There is one more in my favourite list now. Arielle Nadel is a teenage photographer, and she is trying to use her camera to tell stories of her little Danboard. Instead of just putting Danboard in front of a background and call it a shot, Arielle manages to present Danboard as a real person who has real emotion. Follow us and see if Arielle has more stories to tell about herself and the little guy!

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Google Analytics Now More Powerful, Flexible And Intelligent

Today, we’re announcing a new set of Google Analytics features which builds on last year’s enterprise-class feature launch. Some add more power to existing capabilities. Others provide new flexibility to further customize and adapt Google Analytics according to the needs of your enterprise. Finally, we’ll introduce Analytics Intelligence. Resist the temptation to skip ahead. We wouldn’t want you to miss anything. 🙂


Power-users have asked us to add even more data manipulation and analysis features to Google Analytics. We’ve been listening, and are adding the latest power features to expand Google Analytics enterprise-class capabilities.

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Csi zoom story


Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.

Last week, I met up with some folks who are building some amazing things with public data. After seeing their Postcode Paper project, I was left with the lasting impression that given the raw materials, there is very little hindrance to what can be built.

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Custom UITabBar background for iPhone

The Golden Triangle

Transito Golden Triangle
Originally uploaded by dardilrocks.

I heard something this past week that stuck with me all the way to the weekend. To the life of me, I can’t remember who said it but at least I remember what was said:

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A proposal for making AJAX crawlable

Webmaster level: Advanced

Today we’re excited to propose a new standard for making AJAX-based websites crawlable. This will benefit webmasters and users by making content from rich and interactive AJAX-based websites universally accessible through search results on any search engine that chooses to take part. We believe that making this content available for crawling and indexing could significantly improve the web.

While AJAX-based websites are popular with users, search engines traditionally are not able to access any of the content on them. The last time we checked, almost 70% of the websites we know about use JavaScript in some form or another. Of course, most of that JavaScript is not AJAX, but the better that search engines could crawl and index AJAX, the more that developers could add richer features to their websites and still show up in search engines.

Some of the goals that we wanted to achieve with this proposal were:

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The Duct Tape Programmer

Jamie Zawinski is what I would call a duct-tape programmer. And I say that with a great deal of respect. He is the kind of programmer who is hard at work building the future, and making useful things so that people can do stuff. He is the guy you want on your team building go-carts, because he has two favorite tools: duct tape and WD-40. And he will wield them elegantly even as your go-cart is careening down the hill at a mile a minute. This will happen while other programmers are still at the starting line arguing over whether to use titanium or some kind of space-age composite material that Boeing is using in the 787 Dreamliner.

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iPhone Needs a New Home



I’d have loved for this post to be the introduction of our latest iPhone application. An application that introduces a new default optional home screen. A screen that doesn’t require you to scan for red dots with numbers inside of them. Instead it would display information and notifications of things that are new and relevant to you. We’ll all have to keep dreaming for the time being. Unless you’re willing to jailbreak your phone it simply isn’t possible to develop and implement this type of hostile UI takeover using the iPhone SDK.

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shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation? |

how to properly rotate images in iPhone apps

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