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Modeling & Drawing: Timeless or Dying Architectural Arts?

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architectural collage model exterior

Gone are the times of the actually-blue print and waning are the days of drawing architecture by hand. Today, more models than not are also programmed into a computer and, with the press of a button, generated by a laser-cutting or similar machine. Technology has made all kinds of amazing things possible for architects, but what is being lost along the way … and are there still designers who will rise to the challenge of mixing real-life models and drawings with new-school digital design programs?

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Financial New Years Resolutions You Can Keep


Have you ever put an old chestnut like “save more” or “spend less” on your list of New Year’s resolutions? I’ve done it, too, with results undetectable by the most precise financial calculator.

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Billings 3.5 paves the way for Billings Touch

Wine Bottle Holder from Animi Causa


The first time I set my eyes on this, I thought it was a wine bottle Photoshopped to look like it’s floating in the air (and I’m sure you probably thought the same before reading the title). This clever nickel-plated iron wine bottle holder from online boutique Animi Causa would be an interesting addition to your dining area.

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Muji’s message: ‘best’ becomes ‘enough’

Broadening my Reading: 10 Sources I’ve Come to Love

Photoshop Forensics

Here’s an awesome How-To on detecting manipulations of digital images. Many of the techniques rest on the difference in image statistics among natural captures, algorithmic manipulations and manual editing. Good stuff if you’re interested in how ‘fauxtography’ can be detected and dissected.

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Gladwell’s Tipping Point is Bullshit

Malcom Gladwell is an incredible writer. His prose are so simple to read. Gladwell does a great job of walking his reader down a psudo-scientific path to reach a predestined conclusion.

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ah, hyper-advanced futures, always MESSING WITH THE FABRIC OF OUR VERY REALITY

Automatically save the dSYM files.

For those not aware, when you compile an Objective-C application, whether it be for the desktop or for Cocoa Touch devices, the debugging symbols are stripped out of the binaries. Therefore, unlike other languages such as Java, when a crash occurs, there is virtually no way to determine where the crash occurred. However, when the applications are compiled, a dSYM bundle is generated. This bundle allows us to match up the debugging symbols with the application’s crash log to help determine the cause of the crash.

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