Loose Leaf 2.0 with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support!

It’s been a long time, but it’s never too late for a great app update! Lots to love in this 2.0 release!

1. iPad Pro support
2. Apple Pencil support
3. Full page PDF import
4. New pen, marker, and highlighter tools
5. Delete scraps by dragging off left
6. Lots of bugs fixed!

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Staying Sane with Git

Staying Sane with Git

You might have seen it – @kkuchta christmas tree gif making the rounds these past holidays:


For a short story, that sums up my early experience with git with surprisingly accuracy!

For anyone else who’s struggled with git over the years, here’s a bit of my process to help me stay sane with git:

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Procrastination as a tool for Productivity

There’s a thousand small things that I need to get done during the week. They’re only mildly the same week-to-week, and they all individually don’t take up much time at all, but together they eat far more of my productivity than they deserve. I’d found that I was spending far too much time context-switching between my real work – programming – and these other smaller tasks. Programming is the sort of job that doesn’t work well with small distractions, and these small tasks were eating far more of my time than they deserved. Something needed to change.

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