Loose Leaf for iPad is available!

Loose Leaf for iPad is available!

Loose-Leaf-logoI’m exhausted. I’m relieved. I’m excited – Loose Leaf for iPad is finally available in the App Store!

If I had to pick only one of those emotions, it would be relief. After over 2 and a half years of development, I was beginning to doubt it’d ever be ready. Even in the weeks before launch, I fixed more bugs and found more new issues than I’d ever thought possible – the date kept getting pushed back, but here we are! Even the night before launch I still didn’t have a finished layout for the website, and Christi and I stayed up until midnight recording the demo videos for the site.

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The rebirth of AskMeEvery

The rebirth of AskMeEvery

AskMeEveryAskMeEvery is simple tool to help bring you daily accountability for whatever task you need. You simply setup a question, and it emails you that question every day. It’s as simple as replying to an email. All of your replies are stored and graphed to show your progress.

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A “shortcut” for multiplying any two numbers

I ran into something interesting when working last night that wasn’t immediately obvious to me at first. It’s an alternate way to calculate the product of any two numbers.

I first noticed something was going on when I squared a number and then compared it to the product of numbers on either side of the original number:

5 * 5 = 25
6 * 4 = 24 (1 from 25)
7 * 3 = 21 (3 from 24)
8 * 2 = 16 (5 from 21)
9 * 1 = 9  (7 from 16)

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