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  2. adam

    Very nice article. This is a very interesting approach to MVC, and I think it fits very nicely within the web application environment. I’m definitely going to take a closer look at this and see if there isnt a better method. Im curious, if there is an MVC framework on the SS, are you really using a full MVC framework in JavaScript, or is it more of a pattern, like Command, where a Controller exists but no model… I dunno.. some thoughts..

  3. MV

    Yes. Indeed.

    Do look at my article(s) regarding precisely the issue that you’re talking about http://is.gd/1iJE

    Also lookout for some work being done by some as TSA (Thin Server Archicteture), by others as SOFEA and others as RADAR.

    — MV

  4. Markas Read

    If you check out http://haxe.org/doc/intro, you’ll notice that the language compiles to JavaScript and Php, so you could build an MVC framework that would work on the server and client with the same codebase. PureMVC has already been ported. If you’ve got the acumen, you could target any language you need.

  5. Rob Ottaway

    Could you give an example of the ‘application’ running in the browser side which requires such an approach? Seems awfully heavy weight. At what point (as Javascript code in a page increases) should move to using this MVC approach? Do you think this is saner than leveraging Flash/Flex technology?

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  7. Pims

    Nice article.
    You should take a look at: http://www.thinserverarchitecture.com/ &

    Since I’ve implemented this at work, Javascript is now considered a first class citizen language 🙂 No more discrimination for us front-end dev 😉

  8. Jake

    This is the exact same architecture I use on my website: indieed.com

    invite code: !inviteme!

  9. David

    Very nice article!

    Implementing MVC in a webapplication(waterlevelmanagement and control so quite heavy) aswell, I also struggled what to above described problem.

    Thnx for this eye-opener.

    On the subject:
    A better description of your solution in thinking of 2 webapps instead of “a” webapp is a cliënt-server model, which interfaces with httpheaders.
    The bridge is in this way the POST send by AJAX.

    This brings me on another thing:
    In the last scheme/picture you describe a “cache”. I’d rather see it as an Object: the Document Object Model(DOM), and in fact as a very volutile one. The Model of the browser can change the state and the values of it’s members, on it’s own decision and thus doesn’t require any response from the server. Dragging a div in example changes this object(namely: the position of the div) on the fly.
    Deleting de cache of firefox or internet explorer does not make your screen disappear, because it’s status of object(everything is loaded in there). Even when you delete an image in the cache, it will still remain present in the object of a browser.

    Just my $0.02 ;).

  10. Mark Gibson

    Hi, I came across this article by accident.

    I thought you may be interested in a browser-side MVC pattern I implemented about a year ago as a plugin for jQuery.

    You can find it here:

    Hope this may be of some help.

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