10 responses to “Adding the libXML framework to your iPhone App”

  1. Buck Wilson

    Hahaha, The Google.

  2. Jay

    Yep almost 3 years later…

    Just wanted to say I was scouring “The Google” and found your tutorial. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how hard it is to find a spoon-fed tutorial like this for newbies such as myself.

    Many thanks!

  3. Lele

    Thanks a lot, i find the solution for my problem with libxml2 🙂

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  5. Josh Holat

    This worked. Thanks so much!

  6. viraj

    I was looking for this solution for days. Google, forums, blogs so many places I have searched for a solution. none of them really worked.

    You are the best. This is working perfectly. Thanks

  7. Slava Garmash

    When I deleted Xcode 3 and installed Xcode 4 then /usr/include/libxml2 was not available anymore.

    I found it here:

  8. Rob

    use this


    for any version of xcode, including xcode 4

  9. K-Res

    Thanks for the tip!Really helped me out.

  10. Umaid

    Thanks man it really works after 2 days trial and errors

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