Active Projects

Loose Leaf: My upcoming iPad app will let you sketch, map, annotate, cut, and stencil quickly and easily. This is to the iPad what a blank piece of paper is to a desk.

Wikispeak: Working name, this iOS app will help visually impaired users navigate and research with Wikipedia using only voice input. Also perfect for exercising, walking, or driving in the car – it’s the hands free way to learn new things.

Here, File File!: Watch the video! Here, File File! lets you access your Macs’ files (yes – all of your files from all of your Macs!) from your iPhone wherever you are. Browse files and folders, attached storage, network drives, view your files, stream media, and email your files all from your iPhone.

Columnizer JQuery Plugin: Layout your content into columns on the fly and adjust to different screen widths with this auto-columning plugin. Sample PageSecond Sample. Third Sample.

Retired Jotlet Online Calendar was the first 100% fully AJAX’d web calendar, and the first application to offer a full JavaScript API for rich client side integration. On April 1st, 2008, Jotlet was acquired by Jive Software.

History & Awards


As Tech Director at Visere and lead developer on the Unstuck app:

  1. won the Webby Award Winner and People’s Voice Winner
  2. won the Appy Award


Launched Here, File File! in the fall of 2009:

  1. won the App Star Awards
  2. featured on an Apple Commercial in March 2010

2008 was acquired by Jive Software.

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