Credit Card security is broken

Quick story:

My sister is traveling to Sri Lanka and has a longer than expected layover in Mumbai. I log onto the internet, purchase a hotel for her while she’s on her flight, and a driver picks her up at the airport.

So far so good.

That international purchase triggers an alarm on my account, so the next day when I’m shopping for groceries my card gets declined.


Even supposing a mastermind criminal stole my card and bought $400 in Mumbai, here’s what just happened:

1. master mind steals card

2. master mind buys so much stuff for $400 in Mumbai

3. hapless customer buys a ham sandwich

4. sandwich declined!


Guys, if you’re smart enough to know that 99.99% of my transactions are in Portland, Oregon, and suddenly there’s a transaction in Mumbai. If you do anything, please reject the Mumbai transaction and continue letting me buy my groceries in Portland, Oregon.

Your state-of-the-art-from-the-year-2000-security is not making my money any safer, it’s just annoying the hell out of me.

I hate you Capital One.

The Google+ Feedback Page

I was going to just post a screenshot to twitter, but this is far too impressive to let die in a stream somewhere. i wanted to keep this in my records to draw inspiration from weeks and months from now.

In Google+, like many websites, there is a Send Feedback button. It is unassuming.

But when you click it, you don’t get a boring “yeah what?!” text box, instead, in true Google fashion, the Google analyzes the page before the form shows:

And then it asks you to draw on the page to annotate your feedback!

You can draw boxes and select elements on the page. It’s quick, easy, slick, amazing, neat, and useful.

Extremely polished stuff. If i were to guess, the quality and usefulness of the feedback they receive is unparalled compared to other sites feedback mechanisms. Extremely cool stuff. I wish they would package it up as a product, maybe paired with Google Analytics, and let any site user embed that feedback system into their own site. Extremely cool.

And the fact that it’s on Google+ is particularly interesting. Its such an easy to use and useful tool that I wish I could use it to share content with others. Browse to site, “neat!”, click share/crop tool, click “post to Google+”, done. Reminds me of Scoble’s interview of Convofy (forgive Scoble’s lousy recording, but that few minutes of the video is pretty slick stuff.)



Turns out it may very well be its own Google product according to this Quora question. Tell Google here to be notified if/when it’s released.

Time Crisis 4 for iPad 2 in glasses-free 3D!

Glasses-free 3D Time Crisis on iPad:

This is Time Crisis 4 for iPad. It uses Glasses-free 3d for a stunning gameplay experience. This is true anamorphic 3d, which means you don’t need glasses to get a full 3d effect. Just tilt the iPad and the iPad2’s camera tracks your eyes so everything looks like real 3D! Watch the video from cnet below for a quick what’s-what on how it works.

I predicted games like this 4 years ago with the release of the first iPhone. The combination of the front facing cameras and accelerometers in the iPad 2 make this an unbelievable gaming experience.

The Bad News:

This is still not real! There have been exactly zero first/third person shooters that use anamorphic 3d for awesomeness. The screenshot above is a [pretty impressive, i may say] photochop by yours truly.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the year 2011. We have robots driving robot cars and playing robot tennis. Random people sending iPhones into outerspace just because they can. How do we still not have awesome anamorphic shooters on the iPad?!

The Good News:

For a relatively small development budget you could have a proof-of-concept-version-1.0-anamorphic-3D-on-rails-first-person-shooter-for-iPad-2-and-iPhone-4, and you would make $10 million.

Free Business Idea:

Step 1: Just build something like:

  1. Use anamorphic 3d first person shooter. Something akin to a Time Crisis for Area 51.
  2. Easy gameplay: spray and pray style shooting, tap to reload. that’ll be 98% of it right there.
  3. Just make 10 minutes of gameplay, and then repeat it.
  4. Maybe some aliens? Or zombies?
  5. Or both?!

Step 2: Collect money

  1. Turns out people have a long history in falling over each other to give away their money to pretty-graphics-and-novelty.

Or, if you just like to program a lot:

Email me. Twitter me. Linkedin me. Get in touch. We won’t wait for the world any longer. We’ll do this thing.

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