My upcoming iPad app Loose Leaf!

Loose-Leaf_256I’m extremely excited to announce my upcoming iPad application Loose Leaf! This app is one that has been rattling in my mind for years, and I’ve finally had time to get some code down for it over these past few months, and I’m really excited about the progress.

So what is Loose Leaf?

Loose Leaf is a brainstorming and note taking app that’s ideal for use in a coffee shop meeting. It’s a perfect piece of scratch paper, or loose leaf if you will, ready for your back-of-the-napkin-no-longer doodles to help you get your point across during an informal meeting. You can draw, type, cut or create small scraps of paper, import and annotate images, and quickly export anything meaningful to a more permanent home like Evernote.

Sound like a lot of features? Don’t worry, there are no tap-to-hold popup menus, no overwhelming brush texture properties, no arcane MS-Word-feeling image formatting. Loose Leaf is simple and intuitive, and no more intimidating than a simple sheet of paper.

Loose Leaf is good at one thing – helping you get your idea out and on paper quickly. Loose Leaf maintains the sheet-of-paper metaphor without skeuomorphism. Loose Leaf is fast, simple, fast, and simple.

Want to find out more?

Then sign up at the Loose Leaf App site!

Adonit Jot Touch SDK with Palm Rejection

It’s amazing to think I’ve been on my own for nearly a year, and a busy year it’s been!

Most of my time has been spent on two iOS applications that I hope to announce soon, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with the Adonit team on their new iOS SDK. They’ve done an absolutely fantastic job with their Bluetooth connected Jot Touch stylus, and it was a lot of fun to help out with the iOS side of their development efforts.

Their new SDK provides:

  1. Extremely quick setup
  2. Provides 2047 distinct pressure values from the Jot Touch
  3. Advanced Palm Rejection
  4. Works with your gestures, not against them
  5. Easily configure the two stylus shortcut buttons

The latest and greatest Jot Touch 4 is shipping to resellers now. I can confirm this is the best stylus I have ever used, and I’ve tested quite a few! It’s precise, has fantastic battery life, feels like a real pen, connects fast, just feels right in the hand. If you’re an iPad note taker, you owe it to your self to get one of these.

If you’re a developer, clone the new Jot Touch SDK on Github and run the example app. Peek through the Getting Started Guide and spend a few minutes to integrate the SDK into your app!

Off On My Own!

Lots of change recently!

The past year I’ve been working at Visere, where we’ve done some fantastic work for the team at Unstuck (even winning two Webbys!) and Jawbone, among others. In fact, the team at Jawbone was so happy with our work that they decided to acquire Visere outright and bring the team on full time, and I’ve decided to take that opportunity to branch out on my own once again. It’s been nearly 5 years since Jotlet, and I’m eager to get back into the game at the ground level.

These past few years my head has been slowly filling with new ideas and new apps that I’m eager to build. I’ve already started work on two new iOS apps that I’ll be revealing over the next few months. I’m also getting back into Here, File File! development, which I’m extremely excited about. No one on the team has ever been able to devote full time to the project, so I’m bullish that we can finally make significant updates to the app. Last, I’m just happy that I’ll have time to spend on Columnizer and Jotbook again – just some fun small projects to keep the mind working.

And the best news?! I’ve moved back to the great state of Texas! Since I’m working for myself now, we’re able to move back home and be much closer to family. Instead of $2000 in plane tickets and a 6 hour travel time, we’re a mere 20 minute drive from both sets of parents. Cailyn can finally see her grandparents on a regular basis, which is just awesome for everyone.

First steps: pull this site out of the rubble heap and get it cleaned up, get Columnizer updated, get demos prepped for the two iOS apps i’m working on, and get something brand-spanking-new released in 6 months. Wish me luck! :)

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