Discovered: The Amazing Dr. Fox Video

To celebrate the release of the paperback edition of Confessions of a Public Speaker, here’s another post on public speaking.

One heavily referenced speech in public speaking history is the famous Dr. Fox lecture. In short, researchers hired an actor to pose as an expert, and he gave a meaningless, but complex sounding, jargon filled speech to a group of true experts. Result? The majority of them were fooled into thinking they’d learned something, despite there being no substance to the lecture.

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The Future of Television & The Digital Living Room | Both Sides of the Table

[toread] New Scientist TV: Best videos of 2010: The progress bar illusion

Bradley N. Litwin is a mechanical maniac

Europa Film Treasures, the treasures from European Film Archives

AirPlay: Here to there

An Espresso Shot, a Syphon Pot, and a Cappuccino

Three clever and informative videos from The Department of the 4th Dimension. Profiling an espresso shot, a syphon pot, and a cappuccino at Intelligentsia Coffee.

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MongoDB basic queries

In this 8-minute video tutorial on MongoDB we look at how to insert new records into our database, and how to perform simple queries

Screengrab of video

This video is from Think Vitamin Membership, a high-quality video training site, curated by us at Carsonified and Think Vitamin, with hundreds of short videos on topics like …

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Animated simulation of asteroid hitting Earth

A dramatic computer-animated simulation, produced by NHK Japan and the National Film Board of Canada, depicts what would happen if an asteroid measuring 500 kilometers (300 mi) in diameter collided with Earth.

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Stephen Fry Knows Everything

Stephen Fry: What I wish I’d known when I was 18. Six minutes in and I already want to quote absolutely everything. If you think he’s wise in 140 characters or less, treat yourself to half an hour.

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