My name is Adam Wulf, and I currently live in Houston, TX, with my beautiful wife Christi and daughter Cailyn.

I am the founder of Milestone Made, maker of Loose Leaf for iPad and personal accountability site AskMeEvery. I also co-founded Graceful Made, soon to be shipping Remotely, the successor to the App Star award winning Here, File File!

From May 2011, I worked as the Tech Director at Visere before it was acquired by Jawbone in May 2012. Before Visere, I wrote code at Jive Software. In 2006, I created and ran Jotlet.net with Buck Wilson until we were acquired by Jive on April 1st, 2008. My full résumé is available on LinkedIn.

This blog is home to my various projects and tutorials, as well as an outlet for my thoughts on web and mobile programming – especially in regard to building robust, efficient, and beautiful user experiences.

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